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Clare finally realizes how much K. C Smitdale for her, and gets Connor to lock him Smithdale MS sexy women a room with her again. C initially thinks Connor planned it all out, but Clare explains that this time it Its raining and i want you her idea. She then goes on to say that she understand why they are always fighting, she explains that they srxy afraid that if they stopped they would kiss.

Except instead of saying the word "kiss", she actually tries to kiss him. C rejects the kiss, and Clare, thinking that she had it Smithdale MS sexy women wrong attempts to leave the room, close to tears.

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C stops her just in time and tells her she was right. They finally share their first kiss, promoting the start of their relationship.

When he sends Alli's naked Swinger club Horseshoe Bend Idaho to his friend, BruceClare is proven Smithdale MS sexy women. When Clare finds Jenna and Alli scheming against Johnny, Alli Smithdale MS sexy women tells her about what happened, and Clare is surprisingly willing to help them in their scheme of embarrassing him in front of the whole school.

In the end, their plan goes unexpectedly well, with Johnny admitting that he still has feelings for Alli. The first signs are when K. Clare asks K. At the car wash Clare can't put her jealousy to a rest when she sees K. When Clare Smlthdale K.

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Clare starts playing around until K. C goes back to playing around with Jenna. She angrily makes a rude comment towards Jenna, and K.

Later on, Clare and K. C break off their relationship because he is starting to like Jenna, leaving Clare heart broken.

Later, Clare sees hyper and alarmed Fuck sex no strings in Uniopolis Ohio. C and asked him what was eexy with Smithdsle.

But she doesn't notice him holding the gun in his bag. He says he's sorry for everything and nervously walks away. Clare is then seen rushing with Alli around the halls and to the class. Clare then presents her story on different countries' culture. They sound suspiciously like Smithdzle Declan told her Smithdale MS sexy women the cultures. The next day, Alli and Clare are again seen zooming through the halls to the girls' room. Clare pulls out a lacy bra and plans to get "interesting".

Alli is holding her books and drops them. Smithdale MS sexy women picks up Clare's notebook and reads the story about K. Alli wants her to tell M story, but Clare says it isn't finished. She still has to write the part where the girl gets the boy back. When, K.

She offers to tutor K. After, a few weeks of studying and practicing, Jenna comes to The Sexh to see K. When, Jenna kisses K.

When Clare leaves, Jenna tells K. When, exam day comes before entering class K.

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Clare doesn't understand because it isn't a right thing to do, and they can get kicked out of the gifted program if caught. But, reluctantly during Ladies seeking hot sex East Rockingham exam Clare gives the answers to K. Later, Clare finds out that Jenna told K. The next day in class K. That night at The Dot, Clare sees K.

Also, K. Clare becomes more frustrated and tells him that he can't just blame everything on everyone else but himself, and tells him that she'll see him in September. In What a Girl Wants 1Clare is back at Degrassi as a sophomore with a cute new haircut and she's excited Looking for a cock in uniform to Aberdeen see her best friend Alli Bhandari again.

She is ranked 3 on Dave's Hottest Girls List. She Smithdale MS sexy women Alli Older women dating Kalaheo at The Dot and tells her she needs to apologize to Dave, and just because she's 42 on Smithdale MS sexy women hottest girls list, it won't affect her in the future, saying she is just being hypersensitive. In Breakaway 1Clare is excited to tell Alli that she is getting laser surgery on her eyes to let her not wear glasses.

They don't know it, but Jenna overhears them and thinks Clare is bragging about getting breast enhancement. Throughout the day, Clare is confronted by Jenna, who tells her that she's too young and that she looks good already.

Clare is flabbergasted and doesn't know what she's talking about, so she tells Jenna that she should mind her own business since she already stole K. In 99 Problems 1Clare and Smithdale MS sexy women are talking about where they're going to sit during lunch, but Clare tells her she has a meeting.

Alli sees Jenna with a bunch of friends, and she says she wishes she could be like that: Clare tells her she should make her own club and see if anyone joins. Alli says she'll make a dance club and try to destroy the Power Squad, to which as Clare replies jokingly to "not mention that on the poster. In 99 Problems 2Sav announces Alli and her no-show dance club to perform. Alli states she was pathetic and if anyone would join to dance with her, please do.

Clare, being a good friend, goes up to dance with her. Bbw with Pierre class this, a few more people join them such as Wesley and Dave. Then, she is seen bumping into Adam who has tampons and drops Smoke upbe horny girls looking for sex on the floor.

When she helps him pick them up she asks him why he has them. Fitz and Smithdale MS sexy women walks by and Adam says "Ew, Clare pick up your stuff that's nasty. Adam then over hears Clare telling Eli about the situation. Adam comes over and tell them both that he is FTM, female to male transgender.

In a later scene, Clare is sitting with Eli in the lunchroom while they watch Adam sit down at Fitz's table instead of theirs. Mean while Alli and other Grade 10 students were writing an important exam, Clare is seen lighting a stink bomb and rolling it into the gym, causing the smoke alarm to set off and the school to evacuate, which Smithdale MS sexy women Eli and Adam time to run away and Smithdale MS sexy women stops the fight between the boys and Fitz.

She asks him if he had brought it for her, and he replies that it was his mother who suggested he bring one. Clare tells Alli to stay strong.

After Alli and Drew have their conversation, Clare and Alli walk together to their class. Later during the morning announcement Clare is frustrated by new school rules and policies and claims that it has became a police state. Clare mentions that Eli has been suspended and when he returns she will be questioning her sanity for being with him.

Later Alli and Clare are seen at her locker discussing feeling good and maybe giving Drew another chance when Drew interrupts, and Mr. Simpson announces Looking for you miss sweet beautiful single mom to go to the Principal's Office.

And then Alli takes her last walk down the halls of Degrassi. Eli gradually gets annoyed by this. Clare's mother then asks if Eli would like to thank the Lord for the wonderful meal they're about to eat, because he's the house guest.

Eli then proceeds to say something, but Clare cuts him off, yet again, and mentions he's an atheist. Things get awkward at the dinner table and Eli gives Clare an angry glare. The next day at school, Clare comes to school dressed totally different.

Her hair is straightened and part of Smithdale MS sexy women hair is dyed black. She's wearing a lot of makeup and is wearing clothing that is the complete opposite of what she usually wears. Smithdale MS sexy women greets Eli and tells him that he was cute last night, and after a few moments Eli turns his head and sees a transformed Clare, and in confusion, asks her "Who are you?

He tells her he Smithdale MS sexy women understand why she's doing this, and Clare confesses that she's scared. She's then scared that her parents will tell her that they're getting a divorce and there's nothing Smithdale MS sexy women can Smithdale MS sexy women about it. Eli questions why she used him in order to stop the divorce, and Clare says that when they are mad at her they have something in common.

Eli says he refuses to play this game, and that she tried to hurt her parents, but he's the one who got burned.

He walks away, leaving Clare to stand alone alone. Later on, Clare comes home, her parents see her new look and it starts a fight between her parents.

Clares mom soon confirms her that their getting a divorce. Clare is upset, and begins crying and hugs her mom. In Halo 2Clare is seen cleaning up the old church along with Adam and Eli. Clare was then seen standing next to Eli and Adam at the secret party.

Later on she is laying in a hammock with Smithdale MS sexy women. Jesus, Etc. They switch spots in the car Smifhdale talk about Eli's comic Fuck girls Maryland Heights story submission.

She trades her editing skills for his driving lessons and they share a quick kiss. In Jesus, Etc. Eli is excited that Clare is helping him Smithdale MS sexy women his story Stalker Angel. Clare goes on to checking her email and finds out that Fitz has been stalking and spamming her Smitjdale with about God, but also about Eli.

Clare decides to confront Fitz at The. She wonders, if Holly Woemn is okay or not. Later Clare is also seen along with other Grade Smithdale MS sexy women students outside Smithddale opening up a time capsule they buried in 7th grade.

She agrees to help Alli bring up test Find Lafferty in the standardized math test section so Mr. Simpson won't get fired. She also points out that Drew will also need some tutoring, much to Alli's annoyance.

Eli then points out that he gave her a byline and Clare is surprised and t. He tells her he wanted to and it's beginning of their lives together and many more collaborations. Smithdale MS sexy women sees Alli and pulls away to talk to her about picking out their outfits for the spring dance. Woen mocks the dance and says it's trival compared to being published. Clare tells him womne to come if he. In Drop the World 2Clare is walking into school when Eli approaches her and wants to talk. He Smithdale MS sexy women he will give her space, and opens Morty.

Clare sees a gun in Eli's car and reaches to Eli sexg a hug because she's scared of what he might Smithdale MS sexy women with the gun. A startled Eli womn, "I thought you wanted space. In class, she looks up to see Eli and Adam looking at her.

Smithdale MS sexy women Searching Sex Dating

However, Smkthdale first official assignment is to work with Eli for the whole semester, whom is the writer of Smithdale MS sexy women current Drama club play. She later runs into Eli and he introduces to Imogen. She then says that she still needs an interview for the paper. Blaze by BeccaEmmy by J.

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Smitjdale Nelson GrandmotherRev. Mason Father-in-Law; DeceasedMrs. She is the Smithdale MS sexy women character and main protagonist for Degrassi: Smithdals was originally portrayed as an idealist womej environmentalist who consistently voices her opinions. Wpmen was also known for being responsible and mature, yet uptight, but over the years has developed into much more of a three-dimensional character.

She is also good friends with Liberty Van Zandt. She is also close Sweet want hot sex Carmel with J. Yorke before his death, and Toby Isaacs. She was enemies with Alex Nunez. She married Spinner Mason, a former student of Hot woman want real sex New Philadelphia, in the summer ofmaking Kendra Mason her sister-in-law.

In JuneSpike eventually went into labor at the grade 8 Smithdale MS sexy women dance at the Smithdale MS sexy women of season 2, in the episode, Pass Tense. Both of them were 14 when Christine, who goes by Spike, got pregnant. Shane and Spike broke-up, but Shane Smithcale child support. Emma's first on-screen appearance was Smithdale MS sexy women the school's Christmas party in the season 3 episode, Smithrale Greetingswhen Wmen babysitter cancelled on her so Spike had to take care her at school.

With Spike a teen mother, Emma was a semi-regular on the series with various on-and-off appearances as an infant and toddler. In Taking Off 1 Shane goes to a Gourmet Scum concert, which he bought the tickets for using Spike's child support money, Shane took acid, got high and then proceeded to jump off a bridge, it is not known if this was an intentional suicide attempt or an wwomen.

After the accident, his parents Smithdael him in a hospital permanently, which resulted in a distant separation between him and Emma. At Smithdale MS sexy women three, Emma visited her father at the hospital he was staying at.

After that, Spike kept Emma away. She is spoken of twice by Spike in the television film, School's Outand in the film's closing shot, Spike is seen dancing with a young Snithdale girl consistent with Smithdale MS sexy women then age of four years.

Emma and Spike would later appear in Degrassi: The Next Generation. Emma befriends Manny Santos and J. Yorke in elementary school, as they are revealed to already be friends in the series premiere episode, Mother and Child Reunion. Although the best man is Emma's future teacher and step-father, Archie Simpson, the Smithdale MS sexy women will not have seen each other for quite some time prior to the start of Girls naked in olds Dendron grade 7 enrollment, as neither recognizes the other at sight during the first Next Generation episode, Mother and Child Reunion.

Emma was born June Smithdale MS sexy women aired 28 March but Emma is in Smithdsle same grade as Manny and she was 12 when school started in The fact is also that although the episode aired in the timeline is retconned to The Next Generation to have been depicted as a child in the earlier series. She has evolved from a good, simple character to a complex one over the course of the series. In season 5, she was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa.

Emma Broke the Nelson women's multi-generational cycle of unplanned teen-age motherhood and beautician careers, Emma graduates from high school having never been pregnant despite a momentary scare in season Smithdaale and is bound for university. Despite that Degrassi has an ensemble cast, Emma is usually considered the protagonist of the show for the first 7 seasons.

When the writers came up with the idea for a reunion special, they realized Emma would be starting middle school, and made the planned reunion special into a pilot for Smithdale MS sexy women new series. Emma ssxy, therefore, literally the title character of The Next Generation and one of the two title characters of the shows pilot episode, Mother and Child Reunion. Both rabidly Smithdaoe various environmental and social causes, and Emma's first boyfriend, Sean Cameron began as a near-duplicate of Caitlin's first, Rick Munro very similar back-story, abusive parents, nearly identical wardrobe, interest in motorcycles, interest in the girl's causes only as it let him be close to her.

Moreover, Caitlin's father was a teacher, as would be Emma's stepfather, beginning in the womdn season. Smihtdale interaction with Rick Murray and his demise strikingly parallel Claude Tanner's reaction to Caitlin's rejection. As is normal for television series characters, however, Emma soon grew into a unique individual, a collaboration of Miriam McDonald and the Smiithdale writers. In addition, Emma receives far more screen time in Degrassi: The Next Generation than her mother Spike or Caitlin ever had in the original series.

This is due to the longer-run of Degrassi: Manny leaves while Emma lingers to read another email from Jordan. Later when they arrive at Degrassi, Smithdale MS sexy women is seen with Manny and J. She says she hopes Dec 23rd Czech Republic adult girl married lonely from Jordan. They then talk about the email Jordan sent to her last night. Thanks for your help with all this Em, and for your great idea.

You're the best. Emma said that she suggested the petition and Jordan did all the work.

Emma says that Jordan is so committed. But while Emma and Manny are so deep into conversation, they don't notice J. After they help J. They meet Mr. And Archie is wowed at much Emma has grown up, but tells them to go have fun.

The trio leave the boxes on the ground for Mr. Simpson to reminisce with and leave the hallway. Lookin 4 a Bear friend all run around the school knocking on Smithdale MS sexy women lockers, and come across the Media Immersion room, and Emma obviously wants to go in to check the newest email from Jordan.

Emma then decides to sneak into the Media Immersions room to read her emails. Emma brings Manny with her and tells J. Later, Emma tells Manny to calm down and if they Smithdale MS sexy women caught, she'll say she forced her. Emma reads her email and tells Manny that Jordan is coming here and wants to meet her tomorrow. Emma, Manny, J. Emma tells Manny that she want to meet Jordan, but told him that she's in high school. Toby tells Emma that it could be really dangerous meeting someone off the net.

Emma says that he's not a stranger and that he emailed her his picture. She then says that she's known Jordan a lot longer than she's known him, after all the hostility, they have a little water fight. Manny says that Jordan is sixteen and is coming here on a school trip.

After the conversation, the four of them have more fun a water gun fight. Looking for a local real swinging partner leaves her friends and returns home to her room, when she sees her mother and a lady at her computer. Emma asks her mother why she's on her computer. Spike tells Emma that it's our computer. Emma asks if next time she could ask before trespassing.

Spike then tells her to next time be more polite to her guest. Emma notices Smithdale MS sexy women the lady next to her mother is Caitlin Ryan. Emma is then excited and says many facts about Caitlin. Spike and Caitlin Smithdale MS sexy women both shocked and leave her room.

Manny advises Emma that it might be dangerous. Emma says that they'll meet in public. Manny also advises Emma to talk to her mom. Emma asks if Manny doesn't think that she should Smithdale MS sexy women Jordan. Manny responds by bumping her on the forehead. The three spot Emma coming downstairs Smithdale MS sexy women Caitlin talk to her. They talk about Jordan and Emma asks if she should be with him. Caitlin tells her to take a chance Repeating what Caitlin said; "Sometimes you gotta take a chance In Mother and Child Reunion 2Emma is waiting for her mother to leave the house so she could go see Jordan.

Before she goes, she calls Manny. Emma lies and says she's not going to see Jordan. Manny says she's so relieved. Emma says maybe she can meet him when she's older. Manny agrees and asks if she wants her to come over. Emma lies again and says that there's this show about the wildlife refuge and she really wants to watch it for Jordan.

Manny says she can help her research, but Emma says it's okay and that she really needs to concentrate. Emma says she'll call Manny tomorrow. The Smithdalee ends. Later, Emma goes to a hotel by MSS. She goes inside, waits in the lobby, and calls Jordan. She leaves a message explains that she's a little early so she'll just wait down here.

She finishes leaving the message. Emma meets a man holding a box of pizza named Mr. He says that one of his students Smithdale MS sexy women supposed to be meeting a girl. He asks if she's the girl. Emma Smihdale yes. Nystrom says that he's Jordan's teacher.

The man says Smithdale MS sexy women Jordan is so excited to meet you. Emma says she's excited to meet him. Nystrom invites Emma to come to Smithdale MS sexy women room to Smithdale MS sexy women dinner. Emma looks worried. Nystrom says that he could sent Jordan Smifhdale after he eats.

Nystrom says that Jordan wanted her to sign his petition. Adult looking sex Pengilly Minnesota 55775 decides to go with him. While they're Smithdale MS sexy women to his room, Mr. Nystrom says that next week Jordan will send the petition to the United Nations. Emma is amazed and says that's incredible. Nystrom says that Jordan is a pretty impressive kid. They then enter his room.

Nystrom knocks on another room sexu tells the guys that pizza is here. Emma sits down with Mr. Nystrom takes out a video camera and says that he and the guys are going to be making a video journal of this trip.

Nystrom says that Jordan talks about her all the time, and says he hears that Emma's a fellow hiker. Emma starts to get uncomfortable and leaves. She finds out the door is locked and goes into the nearby bathroom and locks the door.

Emma realizes that Mr. Nystrom is Jordan. Emma says that she wants to go home. Nystrom tells Emma that he'll go down to the lobby so she can leave. Emma then unlocks the door leaves the bathroom. Nystrom comes from behind her and closes the Smithdale MS sexy women. He threatens to tape her mouth if she makes a noise. Meanwhile Manny has tried to Smithdale MS sexy women a hold of Emma and realizes that she must have lied and gone to Worcester horny females datong Jordan after all.

Manny runs to Degrassi and tells Spike and Snake about what had happened to Emma. Snake and Spike drive to the hotel and run to the room. Emma hears knocking on the door and realizes that her mother is at the door. She escapes the man and leaves the room. She leans against the wall facing Mr. Nystrom's room. Spike asks if she's okay.

Emma watches as Mr. Nystrom is caught. Emma finds out the next day that Mr. Nystrom was a repeat offender and loses her computer's tower for the time being. Emma tells her mother that she didn't womn her about Jordan because she doesn't understand her problems.

Emma adds that she was so scared and she and Spike hug. Emma started crushing on new boy, Sean Cameron when he Smithdale MS sexy women to Toronto with his brother, Tracker. He is miserable due to being held back in 7th grade and longed to go to eighth wojen with his classmates. It is revealed that he had been there for a few months last year, and evidently was friends with Jimmy Brooks.

Jimmy, being a jerk, decides to tease him for being held back. At the dance that night, Emma has no one else to go with, but she comes alone, and finds Sean has come too. Jimmy again makes fun of Sean by deciding Smithdale MS sexy women he could come to the "8th graders only party" Sean shoves him against a wall. As their principal is about to walk by, Emma comes to Sean's rescue. Emma asks Sean to dance, he agrees and they hold hands.

The next day, Emma tells Manny that although he may seem tough and mean on the outside, he was really sweet on the inside. In the episode, Coming of Age, Emma has her first period, embarrassingly, at school. Luckily, Manny discovered the leak before anyone else did, dragging her best friend into the bathroom and tracking down a pair Smitjdale over sized gym shorts for Emma to wear the rest Smithdale MS sexy women the day.

Unfortunately, Emma was slated to present a book report in Housewives looking casual sex Pinesdale Montana in front of the entire class that day. While awkwardly trying to explain the book and hold up the large pants, J.

Emma announces matter-of-factually that she got her period, stunning everyone. In the episode, Parents' Day, Emma protests about N. Sean thinks it's stupid, and during Parents' Day, Smithdaoe gets into a fight with his brother. He confirms her article as "Looks like garbage, smells like garbage" and crumples it up.

Sean is a little annoyed, as he does like Emma. The next day, the two call a truce. The year went by, and Sean and Emma had been friends for a while, but she still liked him more than just a friend.

When he finally asks her to hang outshe doesn't Smithdale MS sexy women if it's just a " friend thing or a couple thing". After consulting with Paige, she eventually figures out it is a Lady wants sex Charlestown, and when they finally go out, it turns out to be one disaster after another.

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The next day, Sean tells Emma that he had a great time and doesn't want to stop seeing her. Emma begins to suspect Armstrong is sleeping with Liberty when she sees Armstrong pass the girl a note outside of school.

Emma tells Manny who is overheard by Terri, and rumor is spread woemn the school. Just after a student council meeting, Ashley lets Smithdxle know why everybody is talking Smithdale MS sexy women her back. The next day, Liberty hears Emma and the gang talking about her and she runs into the bathroom. Emma promises her to sedy down the source and thus, finish the rumor. Emma tracks the sources down to Terri, who tells Emma she was the one who started it by talking to Manny.

Emma, ashamed and embarrassed, tries to tell Liberty but math class has started. Everybody begins to laugh when Armstrong asks Liberty a question. Principal Raditch Iowa porn in 49709 Armstrong and Liberty see him outside when Emma tells them it was Single woman seeking real sex Ojai who started the rumor.

Once again in Smithdale MS sexy women bathroom, a humiliated Liberty tells Smithdale MS sexy women she has a learning disability that Armstrong was helping her with, and is tired of Emma always trying to scope out an issue, when she should just stay out of people's Smihdale, and "go back to saving dolphins and whales, cause when it comes to helping you people, she sucks.

Emma followed him out to the alley, where both boys were about to fight. Emma begged Sean to stop it. Both Sean and Jimmy told her to leave. The boys began the fight, and Emma stepped between them. Sean told Emma to get out and MMS pushed her to the ground, then after that Emma leaves.

The next day Emma breaks up with Sean, Smithdale MS sexy women them both heart-broken. Though he Smithdalee to talk to her, Emma paid no attention.

She ran out of Toby's bedroom, with Sean and Manny at her heels. As Sean repeats her name over and over, she told him that if she knew that he was coming, she would have stayed home. Ashley takes Sean into Smithdale MS sexy women room. When she finds him crying, she tells him how everyone expects her to be a good girl, and for him to be a bad boy. They kiss.

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Jimmy finds out and attempts to talk to Sean. When Sean walks outside, he finds Emma crying. Just as he is about to comfort her, she turns to Toby and hugs him, crying harder. Sean walks Smithdalw sadly. Emma becomes a feminist at Degrassi Community School. She berated the Spirit Squad as "sexist," and chided Manny for wanting to try Smithdalee, Smithdale MS sexy women her true motive was that she hated the idea of Manny being more popular than her.

Emma also started to favor the extreme group PETA. When Emma learned her mom and sesy teacher, Mr. Simpson, were dating, she was very annoyed and disgusted by the thought, which made things Smithcale between her Simthdale Snake at school.

At the time, Smithdale MS sexy women was crushing on a new grade 9 student named Craig Manning. In an attempt to get closer to him, she and Manny snuck into the Degrassi's 80s dance with Craig's help. It turned out he was Smithdale MS sexy women in Manny, instead of Emma. Crushed that Craig liked Manny, Emma went home upset and caught her mom and Snake kissing on the porch.

Disgusted she ran inside and cried in her room. Spike went to talk to her and promised that even though she was dating Snake, Emma would always be her aomen one priority.

Emma eventually learned to deal with her mom dating Snake. As the wedding came closer, trouble showed up Smithdale MS sexy women Spike found out she was pregnant. Spike knew Snake didn't want children right away and considered abortion. Emma was upset and tried to take control over things. Emma found out that Manny had invited Sean to the wedding, she told her to uninvite him. When Emma thought she had ruined the wedding, she goes to the only person that she can trust. Seyx tells her that no one will hate her, and he's right.

The wedding does happen, and Sean shows up. When he arrived, Just Jane a Sex chat in Brazil song is playing, and he asks her to dance. Just like their first dance together in season one.

They then share their first ever kiss. Emma continued her misguided use of protests for everything that isn't exactly how she likes it with a boycott of genetically modified food in the cafeteria, handing out fliers and information on why it was wrong.

After being told by Mr. Raditch why she was wrong about the cafeteria, Emma decided to use the morning announcements for her own extremist agenda. Her ploy to "boycott the caf" backfired when she initiated the students to start a food Deep Tweed Heads sex. For causing the fight, Emma Smithdale MS sexy women suspended for a day.

Instead of backing down, however, Emma continued her tirade, getting her suspended for a week. Emma was being mistaken for Snake's daughter at school. This launched her desire to meet her biological father. After asking Spike about him and getting nowhere, Emma decided to find him herself, using the Smithdale MS sexy women to find listings for Shane McKay her father's name.

The next day, she skipped school along with Craig to search for him. After a series of missteps, Emma and Craig finally found him at a home for the mentally disabled. After falling or jumping off a bridge during the original Degrassi Junior High series, Shane landed on his head, causing permanent brain damage. His Smithdale MS sexy women placed him in the home. After Emma and Shane's emotional reunion is cut short by a nurse, Emma gives him her address so he can write to her.

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Whelen Springs Arkansas hairy pussy Forced to Smithdale MS sexy women Joey for a ride home after missing the last train, Emma faces her irate Smithdale MS sexy women. While Emma was angry at her mother for lying to her, she eventually came to see that Spike was just trying to protect her.

While Spike, nine months pregnant, was at home knitting a scarf for the baby, Shane unexpectedly arrived at the house. He pushed his way in and flew into a rage upon discovering that he wasn't a part of Spike and Emma's new family. Emma arrived home just as Shane was trashing the house Smithdale MS sexy women Spike went into labor. Emma calmed down Shane with an ultimatum "If you hurt my mom, I'll never speak to you again" and then called Snake.

Emma's half-brother, Jack, was born healthy and happy. Manny's new look and personality put Emma off; she thought Manny was cheapening herself for popularity and told her as much. Manny was appalled that Emma would refuse to support her the way Manny had always done for Emma.

The two continued to be friends, Black woman sex seeks sub slut, until Emma walked in on Manny making out with Craig, who was dating Ashley Kerwin, on Emma's bed.

The next day, as Manny tried to apologize, Emma wouldn't hear it which causes Smithdale MS sexy women to end their friendship for the time being. Manny and Emma would mostly remain distant at best, and fictitious at worst, until late in Season 4. Emma, dealing with the revelation that Snake had cancer and the pressures of having to watch the baby, had little time for Sean anymore.

Emma was less than pleased with Sean's affiliation with this group of thugs, but wrote it off long enough to make out with Sean in the ravine while they were supposed to be clearing it of trash.

The romantic moment was cut short by fellow volunteer Kendra Mason, who quickly ran off after discovering the two. Emma, however, was embarrassed, and got back to work, leaving Sean annoyed. Afterward, Sean confronted Emma about being too uptight, upon which Smithdale MS sexy women called Sean "pathetic" for hanging with people like Jay. Sean got angry, and slammed her locker door shut, leaving Emma hurt. Trying to reconcile the relationship, Emma was shot down by Sean and gave up on their relationship for good.

To add insult to injury, Sean helped his new friends steal Snake's brand new laptop so that Jay could get an intake for his car. This was, once again, not the last time Sean and Emma would date. A new student named Chris Sharpe caught Emma's eye while she was rebounding from her relationship with Sean. Though they had a private romantic moment and even kissed, Emma wouldn't date Chris because he was still with Smithdale MS sexy women girlfriend. Emma did eventually date Chris, however, over the summer between freshman and sophomore years.

On their first date, Emma almost ruined the relationship by getting back at Sean for dumping her. She knew about the stolen laptop, and followed him one day, hopping to bust him and Jay Hogart, along with his new gang.

She followed him a few feet behind, and turned the corner. She almost jumped. Sean was blocking her way. He apologizes to her, but then tells her what he does is none of her business. Snake's cancer took a toll Smithdale MS sexy women everyone in Emma's family. Once, while doing some work on the computers after school with J.

Convinced Snake's chemotherapy had failed, Emma buckled under the overwhelming stress. Alex, who had been tormenting Emma since her breakup with Sean, offended the younger student, causing the typically mild-mannered Emma to engage her tormentor in a violent cat fight in the halls Smithdale MS sexy women Degrassi.

Later, Emma discovers Snake's chemo had actually put his cancer in remission.

Emma and Chris broke up over the summer, but he was still talking to her. Liberty had shown an interest in Chris, which resulted in Emma finding out. She decided to prevent Chris from going on a Smithdale MS sexy women with Liberty, sdxy she was too worried about what people would think of her if Chris went out with Liberty next.

Liberty then eventually figured out what Emma was trying to pull, and told her, "It's easy for me, letting you go—straight to hell. As Emma entered 10th grade, she became friends with Smithdale MS sexy women and her friends. When Rick Murray returned to Degrassi, she and Smithdale MS sexy women thought up ideas to make Rick's life hell and force him to Smithdale MS sexy women Qomen.

This caused Emma to Married But Looking Real Sex MD Colora 21917 Rick, although she denied it in the Smitgdale eye. To prove to her new friends that she wasn't softening towards Rick, Emma purposely tripped Rick at The Dot, causing him to spill coffee over himself. Rick then started to stand up to hit Emma and Jay, scared for Emma, jumped up from the table.

Grabbing Rick by his shirt, he shoved him outside. Emma, Paige, Spinner, Jimmy and Hazel followed. Alex told her that she had started wmen, and Emma stopped her from getting the next hit on Rick. After saving Rick from bullying, Emma, along with old friend Smithdale MS sexy women, became the only people who Womrn bully him.

Rick developed a crush Smithdal Emma, however, and she shot his advances down brutally. After being humiliated on live TV, Rick came to Degrassi with a gun. While he tried to shoot Emma for not accepting his crush on her, Sean stopped him and, in the struggle, Rick was shot and killed with his ssxy gun. Sean and Emma then Beautiful couple wants dating Kenosha Wisconsin talking to each other. In Back in Black, Emma thanked Sean Smithdale MS sexy women saving her life and hugged him.

In the same episode, a reporter asked Sean if he wanted to see a interview of his parents. He reluctantly agreed, taking his girlfriend, Ellie, with him.

His mother was crying to the camera man and saying how the recent events could have resulted in her never seeing him again. Emma had been talking to Jay, asking him where Sean was. As soon as Jay had pointed to Smithdael truck-like van, Sean threw a TV from the back. He told Ellie that she was just acting for the cameras and that she didn't really mean all her emotions. Ellie and Jay tried to reason with him. Ladies looking nsa Rockdale Texas 76567 climbed into Jay's car and asked him, Ellie and Emma Smithdale MS sexy women come with him to Wasaga Beach so he could express himself to his parents.

Sean arrived to his house and stood up to his parents, but eventually decided to stay with them to help himself cope after the stress of the shooting. In the aftermath of the shooting and Sean's departure, Emma became melancholy and isolated, appearing nearly emotionally unstable and Smtihdale herself from everything in her life it could be inferred she was suffering a small case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Jay seemed to have taken a liking to Emma, even though he SSmithdale still dating Alex.

At the same time, the now-mischievous Emma discovered what Alex's best friend Amy's colorful bracelets meant. Girls "earned" bracelets for performing different sex acts down at the ravine. That same day, when Emma was walking home, Jay pulled the car in front of her, blocking her way.

She had originally been listening to music with Sean's headphones; Jay gives Smithdale MS sexy women a Smitndale home.

Emma met Jay at the ravine to see what it was like. After seeing two couples getting out of a van, Jay womfn her went inside. Jay kissed her, and she pulled away.