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Looking for a good set of lips

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Pretty Lips on Men – What Makes Them Kissable? – Tracy Cooper-Posey

There are chapped days and then there are flaking, splitting, stinging days. This is for the latter.

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The petrolatum in this balm is heavy-duty thick to heal lips fast without feeling goopy or greasy, and the rosy fog gives lips a touch of sheer pink sheen. The entire Baby Glod Looking for a good set of lips is insanely hydrating, and this fuchsia one is no exception: It's pure, rich goodness that feels satisfyingly slippery on your lips. This balm has the brand's famous beeswax for hydration, plus shea butter and plant oils for a slicker texture.

And the reddish-plum hue stains lips with just enough sheer berry color to make them look flushed and healthy.

Shea butter and vitamin E star in Pixi By Petra's nourishing lip balm, which adds a veil of color od lips and is available in a variety of shades ranging from vivid raspberry to the dreamy mauve seen here.

The only thing cooler than this balm, which resembles rose jelly, is the charming little tin it comes in. The vintage packaging houses a fro that's as versatile and addictive as the company's original Rosebud Salve but with a cool tingle thanks to peppermint oil.

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sey A dab enhances your natural lip color with a shiny, bee-stung blush. You don't exactly have to be a professional makeup artist to neatly swipe on lip balm.

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Still, the oval shape of this tube makes it extra easy to swivel it on. It's also got SPF 20, making it especially perfect for days you're hitting the slopes or the tor.

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With its opaque color, matte finish, and ability to last and last and last, this balm is basically a long-wearing lipstick that's been souped up with a trio of moisturizing butters. Also, they taste like candy.

Lanolin the Aussie brand's namesake ingredient intensely conditions lips for long-term hydration and leaves a glossy, fresh tint that's chef's kiss -levels of gorgeous. If you're a fan of Clinique's original Chubby Stick, the odds are you'll also love its slightly more pigmented cousin.

Mango and shea butter ensure the same glossy finish but with just a touch more color payoff. Between the crystal-clear tube and sheer finish, Becca's Lush Lip Colour Balm is a minimalist beauty lover's dream.

Pro tip: The layerable formula lets you build up the color from a sheer veil to a just-bitten stain. Looking for a good set of lips doesn't get fancier than an ultra-dewy, Bella Hadid-approved lip balm that imparts the fairest wash of rosy pink tint that morphes with your lips' pH levels for a unique shade of pink.

Swipe on this mood-boosting coral tinted balm, one of four shades inspired by Benefit's bestselling shades of inky lip and cheek tints. Herbivore's Coco Rose Lip Tint aet a nourishing coconut oil base and versatile rosy-nude shade that looks good on just about everyone.

Available in three shades: The shades of Origins' new range of tinted lip products are not only inspired by gorgeous flowers but actually contain reclaimed flower waxes, which are naturally produced during the process of extracting scented oils from petals. So here's a sustainable lip tint option for you.

Looking for a good set of lips luxury lip tint, this Best of Beauty Award -winner now has more than a handful of shades, including the newest Chai, which is a sheer peachy nude. There's a shade for every level of "just bitten" fo that you may fancy.

The addition of SPF 15 is also a benefit since lips are prone to sun damage more than the rest of your skin.

Tatcha's candy apple red balm is not only just plain gorgeous and laced with karat gold, NBDbut the limited-edition formula is packed with camellia oil to protect and moisturize your pout.

To borrow a word from the singular Pat McGrath Labs' tinted balms can only be described as major.

But then again, did we expect anything less? Certainly not. With nine sheer tinted shades and three glimmering "Astrals" shades, you've got your pick of demure and disco.

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